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From Waste to Clean Biomethane fuels

From Waste to Clean Biomethane Fuel

FirmGreen's biogas purification systems respond to national environmental policy mandates with respect to best practices for waste utilization, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction.

FirmGreen, Inc.( FirmGreen®) utilizes its patented and proprietary process to convert landfill gas (LFG) into clean fuels such as biomethane for fleet fueling operations. Biomethane is typically defined as a natural gas fuel from renewable resources—such as compressed natural gas (CNG), produced from waste resources such as landfills, waste water treatment plants, and livestock operations. FirmGreen's technology successfully produces a biomethane product that meets OEM engine manufacturer specs for purity and Btu content.

For a typical fleet fueling operation, FirmGreen technology is used to process landfill gas into ultra-pure biomethane, which can be compressed on-site for fueling CNG vehicles. Both time fill and fast fill dispensers can be installed to serve your fleet needs.

By having FirmGreen design, build, operate and maintain your on-site fueling operation you save time, and remain focused on your business rather than your fuel supply. Long term fuel contracts allow you to predictably manage fuel costs.

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Need information about Federal Tax Incentives? click here for an overview of incentives related to Natural Gas vehicles, fuels, and fueling infrastructure (PDF opens in new window)

Why CNG?

FirmGreen's renewable compressed natural gas (gCNG®) fuel is obtained by compressing purified biomethane and is stored and distributed in safe DOT approved containers.

Benefits of Landfill Gas-to-Biomethane:

  • cleaner air benefits everyone
  • gain control over annual fuel costs for your fleet
  • gain a predictable domestic source for fuel
  • turn your landfill methane into a revenue source

Benefits of FGI's Compressed Natural Gas (gCNG®) Fleet Fueling Systems:

  • CNG serves as an alternative to diesel or gasoline for motor vehicles. Due to its low hydrocarbon
    emissions, CNG is widely considered to be an environmentally viable alternative.
  • Lower maintenance costs when vehicles run on CNG.
  • With rising gasoline and petrol costs, CNG can give your business a competitive edge with
    its lower price and high availability.
  • Surveys have shown that natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are safer than gasoline-fueled vehicles.
  • Vehicle life-span is prolonged due to cleaner combustion.

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