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Thinking Green for Your Transportation

Today, tranportation choices continue to expand – many communities have commuter trains and light rail, carpool lanes, and biking friendly commuting corridors. Some companies allow workers to telecommute for part of the work week, and there is an increasing choice of alternative fueled vehicles on the market when you do need to drive.

The hydrogen highway may still be years away, but you can reduce emissions from your transportation today! Greener transportation starts with smart driving strategies, and then taking simple steps that are possible right now.

  • Combine Errands

    Plan Before You Drive

    Save energy by carpooling, taking public transportation, riding a bike, or walking.

    Another way to reduce your carbon emissions is to combine errands when you do drive. Driving smart will lower the total number of miles you drive each year; you'll save on fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

  • Vehicle Tuneup

    Tuneup Your Vehicle Regularly

    Deferred Maintenance is costly to you and the environment! Reduce pollution from your vehicle by getting regular tune-ups.

    Make sure your tires are properly inflated to achieve your vehicle’s optimal gas mileage. Maintaining your vehicle properly helps prevent the need for unexpected repairs, saving you money and stress!

  • Renewable Fuels

    Cars & Renewable Fuels

    Highly fuel efficient cars, hybrids, and vehicles that use cleaner alternative fuels help reduce greenhouse gases emissions. Before buying your next vehicle, visit the EPA's buying guide:

    Tax incentives may be available to offset part of the cost of purchasing an alternative fueled vehicle: visit for current info

  • Routine Maintenance

    Video Conference or Fly There?

    Do you "need to be there", or will a video or web conference get the meeting done?

    When you do need to fly, longer flight segments emit less carbon per mile than shorter flights. The reason? Elevated carbon emissions during takeoff and landing are the same whether the you are traveling 250 miles or 2500 miles.

  • Vacation Transportation

    On Vacation

    Consider renting a bicycle to explore the locale.

    To reduce the need for transportation once you arrive, plan your trip in advance online, and seek a hotel that puts you in the middle of your itinerary.

Spread The Word!

Talk with your family and friends about climate change. Let them know the ways you’re changing your lifestyle to help prevent more climate changes.

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