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Instant Infrastructurefor Remote Areas

SmartPlant™ enables FirmGreen's Instant Infrastructure system to operate in remote areas where no electrical utility grid is available.

An Instant Infrastucture system is typically deployed to provide solar electrical generation and control, along with functions such as water filtration and pumping. The reliability of the Instant Infrastructure system makes it ideal to deploy in under developed rural areas, enabling even isolated communities to benefit from clean energy and clean water.

A typical off grid project in a remote area has multiple users. System controls and monitoring are deployed from a pad-mounted shipping container; wiring tie-ins are added for multiple electricty users and for water pumping and filtration.

With FirmGreen's system, villages in under developed regions such as the Amazon basin, and rural Africa can benefit from green energy.

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FirmGreen and its team are committed to accelerating the ongoing global transition to renewable energy by providing real time visibility and intelligence and proactive management services at the point of use.  The team's goal is to deliver Smart Solar projects that enable economical wide-scale adoption of clean energy generation.

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