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Smart Solar: What's Different?

FirmGreen's Micro-inverterThe SmartPlant™ Solar System Microinverter
gives you the flexibility of a modular solar
system, with greater system reliability, plus
lower upfront costs!

Get the FirmGreen SmartPlant Solar System, and expand your solar system as needed.  You can literally add one solar panel and one microinverter at a time!  With a traditional solar panel system, you must anticipate long term power needs for your home or business during the initial design process.  The inverter must be sized for the expected final power capacity with the initial installation (which is more costly) or replaced when your demand requires a system expansion.

In a central inverter-based solar system, any under-performing module can bottleneck the performance of hundreds of its neighbors, jeopardizing the financial models of a commercial solar project. With microinverters, the solar system no longer has a single point of system failure.  As a result, systems installed with FirmGreen's SmartPlant microinverters are able to outperform central inverter-based systems, and achieve an unparalleled system availability of 99.8%.

With FirmGreen's microinverter system, each solar panel has its own inverter, managed by a SmartPlant Controller that keeps its outputs in-phase with the external power grid.  If any one (or more) panel is damaged or covered, the rest of system continues to operate: the controller logs the fact that panel X’s power is down and sends an alert to let you know maintenance or cleaning is required for that panel.

Each panel is delivered pre-wired with Quick-Connect, weather-proof connectors.  This makes adding new panels a snap. Because each microinverter’s output is 240 VAC, 60 Hz, there is no need for higher DC voltage wiring with the fire and safety hazards it poses.

Whether on rooftops or in open fields, FirmGreen Smart Microinverter-based commercial solar systems have unmatched performance and reliability, and they introduce new levels of intelligence and safety.

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