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FirmGreen® uses its proprietary biogas cleaning systems to convert biogas to highly purified methane. Our technology provides an economical path for producing a variety of renewable fuel products from waste gases. FirmGreen systems safely and economically remove contaminants from landfill gas (LFG) or other biogas using liquid carbon dioxide solvent condensed directly from the waste gas.

Our biogas processing systems use well-developed conventional unit operations of chemical engineering – compression, refrigeration, absorption, and gas separation.

Skid mounted and modular, FirmGreen biogas processing facilities are scalable to accommodate treatment of various gas volumes. Their ability to effectively remove VOCs, NMOCs, and siloxane to 10 parts per billion (ppb) or lower permits complete flexibility for end use of the cleaned methane: with our systems, biogas can be upgraded to meet pipeline gas and OEM vehicle fuel specifications.

A typical configuration consists of a pre-treatment skid, the biogas cleaning module, and optional polishing modules to condition the gas for specific applications. The system’s compact footprint makes it suitable for locations with limited land available to site a project.

Modular, Skid Mounted Design Minimizes Site Prep

FirmGreen equipment is designed to simplify construction, installation and maintenance of biogas utilization facilities:

  • modular, scalable, and skid mounted equipment
  • lowers technical risk: depends on well-developed engineering principles
  • minimizes in-field piping connections
  • minimizes in-field electrical and control system tie-ins
  • uses proprietary GreenWorld™ remote monitoring of
    plant operations
  • designed for unattended operation

FirmGreen's systems respond to national environmental policy mandates with respect to best practices for waste utilization, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction.

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