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Biogas Cleaning Applications

CO2 Wash skid

  1. Contaminant Management:  FirmGreen technology isolates contaminants in a small stream and efficiently incinerates them using residual methane from the initial cleanng process.  A landfill flare is necessary even with LFG recovery and utilization to dispose of raw LFG in excess of plant capacity and to accommodate full LFG flow when the plant is not operating.
  2. After intitial processing, cleaned biogas is ready to use for applications that require medium Btu fuel.
  3. The clean, medium Btu fuel gas may be "polished" for applications such as vehicle fuel, pipeline injection, and hydrogen production.

The above schematic is intended to show various end product options using FirmGreen's technology platform to process biogas. The system uses well-developed proprietary and conventional gas processing technology to lower the technical risk associated with production of methane-based fuels from LFG:

  compression   drying
  refrigeration   adsorption

FirmGreen's systems respond to national environmental policy mandates with respect to best practices for waste utilization, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction.

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