Novo Gramacho Second Phase Underway

novo gramacho phase two contract

Manoel Antonio Avelino (lft) and Steve Wilburn (rt) sign the contract for phase two of the Novo Gramacho project.

Today, FirmGreen Inc. announces that it has signed a contract to begin a second phase of operation at Novo Gramacho. With this project, additional biogas from sources offsite from the Novo Gramacho landfill will be transported to the site for purification to produce additional fuel stock.

The offtake customer for both the project’s first phase and this phase is Petrobras, Brasil’s semi-public multinational corporation in the petroleum industry, headquartered nearby. By using cleaned biogas, the industrial operation will use less fossil fuels to power their facility.

In 2013, FirmGreen successfully completed the world’s largest biogas processing plant of its type at Novo Gramacho — near Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. (see that story here) An approximately 6K pipeline carries the cleaned biogas from the Novo Gramacho processing plant to Petrobras.