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    Putting the Pieces Together
    for a Greener Future...

    FirmGreen's green technology supports manufacturing jobs in the U.S., jobs in shipping & logistics, and in communities where our renewable energy projects are located.

    Our biogas projects help communities achieve a greener future in every way.
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  • Graveyard for waste?
    or job catalyst?

    FirmGreen is transforming wasted biogas from landfills into renewable energy and fuels.

    Our projects are also creating jobs, helping communities around the world achieve a greener future in every way.
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  • Smart Solar Microinverter

    FirmGreen's Smart Solar
    with VerdeControls™

    Lower your upfront costs with our Modular Smart Solar System, and expand your solar system as needed. You can literally add one solar panel and one micro-inverter at a time!

    VerdeControls™ defines a new generation of advanced solar energy solutions: integrating state-of-the-art microinverter technology, power-line communications and web-based monitoring and analytics.
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  • Biogas powered truck

    Clean Renewable Fuels

    FirmGreen® utilizes its patented and proprietary process to convert biogas into clean fuels such as biomethane (renewable natural gas) for vehicles.

    gCNG® is our trademarked brand for biomethane from waste gas resources such as landfills and municipal waste water treatment plants. Our process enables economical cleanup of biogas that improves air quality while producing a clean fuel from local renewable resources!   Read More

  • Natural Gas fueling

    Natural Gas Facts

    FirmGreen's renewable natural gas fuel is not only a sustainable fuel, but it's also greener from well to wheels than gasoline.

    Find out more about natural gas (methane) fuel, and what's different about renewable biomethane vs. traditional methane fuels. Find out why natural gas can be an environmentally sound energy resource.   Read More

  • Solar: Smart Energy

    Smart Energy Goes Global

    Solar energy is smart energy for businesses and individuals, saving dollars and enabling greater energy self-sufficiency.

    FirmGreen's Smart Solar can be deployed even in remote, off grid locations to deliver instant infrastructure.  Read More

News & Events
FirmGreen CEO Wilburn Appointed to Department of Commerce Trade Finance Advisory Council (TFAC)
...read more at commerce.gov
VerdeWatts, LLC, a FirmGreen company, and National Environmental Group, LLC (NEG) form Joint Venture to develop Waste-to-Energy("WTE") projects...read more
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Renewable Energy & Fuels
SolarLower your energy costs at home, or
at your business with solar power!
gCNGgCNG® – FGI's renewable biomethane fuel
is a clean alternative that's ready today!
WaterFind out how FirmGreen's water treatment projects improve the environment.
Helping Our Veterans Once They
Return Home From Active Duty

Make the Connection is a public awareness campaign by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that provides personal testimonials and resources to help Veterans discover ways to improve their lives.
Visit  MakeTheConnection.net to learn more.
Make The Connection

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