Aerial view of completed biogas facility at Novo GramachoHigh Altitude View of Biogas Plant and landfill that produces methane captured and cleaned at the biogas plantAerial view of completed biogas facility at Novo Gramacho

How will we power our planet?

FirmGreen is harnessing our waste to create clean
and sustainable energy to power communities
around the world.

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Water purification plantWater purification plant

Smarter Water Management

With our expertise in renewable energy,
wastewater treatment is combined with onsite
energy generation to sustainably power the facility
or to sell to the local utility grid.

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Smart controls offer property owners and managers greater energy efficiency

Smarter energy starts here.

Power your home or business with solar and
energy storage that integrates our patented
VerdeControls™. Experience reliable, sustainable
energy that you can manage anywhere you are.

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Solar panels reflecting a blue sky with clouds

Smart Energy is Sustainable

We're powering communities and businesses with
green energy from solar, wind, & biogas. To optimize
efficiency and reliability, our energy projects integrate
our patented VerdeControls™.

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Through integration of our social and financial goals, FirmGreen is well-positioned as a global leader in the renewable energy and alternative fuels markets, generating stakeholder value for both the short and long term.


We are passionately committed to improving the quality of life for people around the world with implementation of sound, sustainable energy solutions that positively impact their environment and economic condition.


Our award winning projects start with innovation; they are executed with teamwork, flexibility and fast-paced problem solving. We operate with a sense of mission and the pursuit of excellence in every area of operation.

Recent News

Satellite systems detect methane leaks and notify facilities so they can repair leaking equipment and stop the leak

Preventing Methane Leaks Could Help Minimize Climate Change

Preventing methane leaks in energy production and transportation could significantly reduce the level of methane in our atmosphere and have a major beneficial impact to minimize further climate change.
Depending on the location, solar and wind power generation can be combined in the same facility.

Clean Tech is Driving Job Growth in the Energy Sector

According to a new report from IEA, during 2022 clean energy technologies drove job growth with high demand for new workers in solar PV, wind energy, EVs and batteries.
Common Sources of Biogas

What is Biogas?

Biogas is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide produced as organic materials decompose in the absence of oxygen. It has beneficial use as a source of renewable energy.

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